SEO Edmonton: Post Algorithm Strategies That Still Work Today

Thanks to search engine algorithms, internet users are increasingly finding it easy to look for what they want online. These algorithms have, however, changed the rules governing SEO Edmonton. All low-quality sites have been de-ranked in favor of sites that give value to their visitors. There are strategies that still work even after the algorithms. These strategies include the following.
1. Post Algorithm Keywords

Previously, search engines were only looking at the keyword in the pages of a website. Today, the search engines align websites based on the intent of the search rather than the keywords alone. Don’t get this wrong: the keywords are still important. However, what you need to do is look for a larger pool of niche-specific phrases that your target audience is using to search for products that you offer.

2. Your Site Structure

The importance of a streamlined URL site structure cannot be overemphasized. It is extremely important that the URLs and the links on your site are functional and consistent. Keep them short and precise. Additionally, make sure that your inbound and outbound links are not broken. When looking for links, go for those from authority sites in the industry. Take care not to stuff your site with links as it will hurt your site ranking.

3. The Back Links

Every expert in SEO Edmonton will tell you of the importance of niche relevant backlinks. There are a few ways through which you can earn high quality, relevant links to your site.

• Editorial links which refer to links from media and other leadership article mentions of your business to your site. • Co citations refer to mentions and links to your site alongside those of authoritative sites in your industry.

These mentions make search engines relate your site with the authority businesses in your industry, thereby ranking you higher in your industry

4. Site Security

It is important to have secure encryptions for your site. It not only boosts trust and credibility with your target audience especially if it is an ecommerce site, it is also a ranking factor. A secure encryption allows your visitors to share information on safe platforms. Such information includes logins, email and personal contacts, and if it is an ecommerce site, the visitors may share account and credit card details. Most effective SEO Edmonton strategies are simple and common sense, yet not as easy. They require time and expertise. However, if done right, they always pay off handsomely. So, in order to get the best out of your search marketing strategy, you need to have sound strategies based on accurate data.